Democrats Have Just Bent The Knee To A Fringe Leftist Ideology As Progressives Vow To Abolish Police

Democrats Have Just Bent The Knee To A Fringe Leftist Ideology As Progressives Vow To Abolish Police. Congressional Democratic leaders bent the knee for just about 9 minutes in a moment of silence at Capitol Hill

While we can all agree on justice for all and equality under the law what we are seeing is anything but that. Democrats at the highest levels are now granting immunity to ideological activists in New York City and in Minneapolis they have vowed to completely disband the police outright.

Journalists are bending as well in support of a rapidly expanding fringe ideology called intersectionality or intersection feminism.

Seeing Democrats finally bend the knee should symbolize that the fringe world view has pressed into the mainstream and it is only a matter of time before it completely takes over.


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5,447 Replies to “Democrats Have Just Bent The Knee To A Fringe Leftist Ideology As Progressives Vow To Abolish Police”

  1. Mint Mochi

    You have a lot of fair points right, but with a lot of this you’re _so_ close to understanding yet completely miss it. The BLM movement is not a religion or cult with a leader, it’s a _movement_ protesting the injustice against black people in the American (although other countries are also now reflecting too). I don’t know how you make this leap that it’s anything cult-like when there’s no central leader or ideology other than a simple shared notion. You’re using examples of the actions of smaller groups supporting the movement which even I, an advocate of the BLM movement question, you can’t use those actions to speak for what everyone else believes.
    Disbanding the police for instance _is_ controversial understandably, but when you read about it, it seems a lot less radical. From my understanding the idea suggested was to form a new independent public safety department run by city council who basically fill the roll of what the police already do but is controlled locally. The details of this I don’t think have been fully planned, of course because it’s just been conceptualized. You can’t criticize a half baked idea when it’s not even fully developed, but I agree it can’t be considered seriously until further details have been announced.

  2. flatterkatz

    just did that quiz. They put me into “progressive activists”. WTF. I’d expected to be put into konservative for sure for some answers.
    sapply political compass put me smack dab in the middle (very slightly towards libright, but the big dot still covered the center of the graph), political compass itself put me further toward libleft than ghandi
    just serves to show you that those quizzes just don’t work.

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