Democrats CAUGHT Hosting Chinese Spies Triggering Calls For Resignation

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host guest and lawyer Will Chamberlain to discuss the potential political fallout of Eric Swalwell’s hiring choices.

Guest: Will Chamberlain @WillChamberlain – Twitter,

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417 Replies to “Democrats CAUGHT Hosting Chinese Spies Triggering Calls For Resignation”

  1. RBplayz

    Whu would you defend the police and try and disarm the American people? Its called chaos tim. What haven’t they done to convince you they give a shit about the American people lately

  2. Dave Dangleberry

    Dude with glasses: I don’t want to live in a country that has coups…… democratically actively trying to pull of a coup lol face palm

  3. Kragar01

    “But we totally had sex?”

    “It was just a cruel ploy to gain your trust”

    “That was a cruel ploy? Sign me up for another”

  4. CourageousRetreat

    At this point if what you believe is in any way in line with the propaganda or share their views on “conspiracy theories” then your an idiot

    Fuck you YouTube

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