Democrats Are Becoming MORE Like China, Authoritarianism Is Being Used Everywhere


Tim, Lydia, and Luke host guests China Uncensored (Chris and Shelly) to discuss the ways that China has set the standard in authoritarianism – and how the US appears to think it’s commendable.

Guests: China Uncensored – @China Uncensored & @America Uncovered on YouTube
@ChinaUncensored, @ShellyZhang on Twitter
China Unscripted podcast

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768 Replies to “Democrats Are Becoming MORE Like China, Authoritarianism Is Being Used Everywhere”

  1. Dwarlord

    Part of the reason we bought stuff from China is we shut down parts of manufacturing during the coronavirus. The manufacturers in the US were also told to close and quarantine plants for the pandemic. If a plant had even one person with a fever. The government accused the plant of being completely contaminated. And they had to close and clean.
    China cares less about being sick while people work than the US.
    The US really did close EVERYTHING for this pandemic. At one point or another And nothing was really excluded. This included food and pharmaceutical companies. The “essentials” did close, granted only in spats and limited amount of time. But, Closing a manufactur plant for any length of time does hurt. And those losses have to be made up somehow.

  2. Chris Brausch

    China just knows that the virus is just a form of the flu, and so they’re just getting on with their economic lives (in an authoritarian way)…They must be laughing their asses off

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