DeBlasio Mocks Wealthy As They Flee Proving He Wants NYC To BURN

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2,801 Replies to “DeBlasio Mocks Wealthy As They Flee Proving He Wants NYC To BURN”

  1. Kid Peligro

    Communism and Socialism thrive in widespread poverty to drive people to be resentful, these Democratic politicians leading these places are basically just speeding up the process of converting their constituencies into communist areas

  2. Drastic Change

    I’m scared to put it lightly. I own a home here in NYC, got a good job and all but I am scared I can lose everything with the way this mayor is running things. People say ‘just move’ but it’s not that easy when you got a good job, and a family. Not sure what to do anymore, because the next mayor choices are just as bad if not worse.

  3. Halcion Koenig

    Wait a minute… are you saying that Donald J Trump in New York was in fact Bruce Wayne in Gotham?
    Someone should send Trump the Bat Suit.

  4. Vinny

    Get woke go broke, the democrats will desteoy america to try and beat trump, and they dont care because they wont struggle, the workers and minnions will, but if the workers and minnions vote for Dems then you deserve what you get

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