Cute Videos From Leftists About How GREAT Things Actually Are In NYC Are LIES, Here Is The Truth

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest and activist Heshy Tischler (@JUST ENOUGH HESHY) discuss the different between recordings and reality in NYC, and what’s causing the issues residents like Heshy are facing.

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689 Replies to “Cute Videos From Leftists About How GREAT Things Actually Are In NYC Are LIES, Here Is The Truth”

  1. Ezikiel Prodence

    Here in dallas,texas most people who aren’t brainwashed are moving out west and building compounds things might get bad I’m prepping my out as well. Stay safe out there. The increase crime rate is not going down wait it out.

  2. W H

    Lockdowns are just a means to an end for the left.
    Keep the hormone young dogs caged, building up rage, frustration, restlessness, with no outlets for relief, then unleash that pent up rage when it’s politically expedient for your cause.

  3. W H

    NYC=Big Government Run Amok. Just as
    Dem mayors run cities,
    & Dem Governors run states,,
    you will see
    Biden will run the country with the same tyranny and corruption.
    Just like communist party corrupt entitled politicians ran the USSR or banana republics.
    When USSR fell in 1991,becoming “Democratic”, did these commie party politicians resign in protest?
    No, they stayed in big government “leadership” positions, just changed their stripes. Politicians are in it for the power. They ARE the swamp. That’s why President Trump has been so refreshing. He actually stands for something. Now that he is “losing, ” we see many Republicans not standing up for him, but caving in to the swamp. Talking a new talk, who tf are they? Chameleons!Shame on them! Have a spine! Makes me sick…

  4. RCrockin

    I took the time to look at this too with the death count its odd. it doesn’t point towards deaths being miss Identified but it shows there might be credibility to that idea.

  5. Clinton Cox

    Wow, the censorship sounds exactly like the last 100 years of feminism. But ooooooohhhhhh, dont attack that sacred cow.
    Lam cowardly journalism, Tim.
    Ommitence in journalism, is lie.

  6. The Cake Glutton

    Yeah but Tim, fundamental problem with this that you are saying: heart disease is not contagious. Yes, COVID is mostly killing people with preexisting conditions, we were told from the beginning, so is not unexpected that the deaths are around same. The problem is filling up the hospitals and devoting a lot of resources to COVID cases because, being infective, you have to isolate wings etc.
    Not saying that lockdowns are the solution, I am fed up of them (UK) and I also feel there might be a better way, but I don’t think tackling the argument from this angle will convince anyone.

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