CURFEW Drops On Several US States, The Pandemic Panic Is HERE

New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and California appear to be the first states facing serious curfews, and Tim and Adam discuss the implications of childishly-early curfews on worried families.

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1,218 Replies to “CURFEW Drops On Several US States, The Pandemic Panic Is HERE”

  1. SnorgonOfBorkkad

    It’s so cringy how Tim exaggerates about what’s happening in NYC specifically because he wants to gloat about how smart he was for moving to the suburbs.

  2. Bobby Sweeney

    As long as people respect the quarantine, and we see stability, this can potentially be over in a month or 2. If we don’t respect it, we will spread, spread, mutate,spread, etc. and a lot of people will die.
    Don’t make the government have to mandate anything further or this could get ugly, fast.

  3. Brian Adams

    The fear is necessary. Tim this is all planned. The last update trump pulls the trump card out of his pocket at the press conference. Its going down tomorrow morning. The NY times are lying cocksuckers. You can’t believe a word the N Y TImes says. No one is going to die that is not meant to die. All of your children are safe. Has anyone got sick? Tim you are an idiot like the rest of the sheep who won’t ask one logical question. There is no pandemic except in youe mind. Tomorrow morning there will be massive arrests beginning tomorrow morning! Waks up! Wake the fuck up. We have won. He pulled the Trump card today you idiots. He pulled out the Trump card. They sell them online. You idiots. No one has gotten tbe coronavirus. Trump has told us all week that we have won. Stop talking and listen! Trump is screaming we won you idiots. Stop the fear mongering when you haven’t asked one question that means bullshit. Do you think a virus starts in November and get a vaccine 4 months later? That is bullshit. This is a show.

  4. Waymore TheOutlaw

    Funny how people give trump flak for saying that the state’s are doing a good job handling it themselves. I thought that the whole point of governors and mayors was to take care of the cities and states?

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