Culture Wars Cut Down JK ROWLING Who Was Very Woke Because She Was Not Woke ENOUGH

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host Ryan Long (@Ryan Long on YouTube, @RyanLongComedy on Twitter) to talk about the ways in which woke culture has undercut people who try to be woke.

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101 Replies to “Culture Wars Cut Down JK ROWLING Who Was Very Woke Because She Was Not Woke ENOUGH”

  1. Albert Jackson

    Tim if you are so fucking good way are you on youtube begging for money you say you were a good news guy I don’t think so tell the people why you lost your high paying job and who’s ass you were kissing

  2. ak assasin

    The great thing about america is that fat people will never starve. Even when the whole country is shut down they will just get fatter. I dont know if many other places can say that.

    • Roger Dodger

      GanonGhidorah John sent these people over the edge when he said “London isn’t a British city anymore”….
      Well it’s not, there’s nothing quintessentially British about the place. He didn’t say that’s a bad thing he just pointed to a uncomfortable truth everyone’s meant to ignore. Mass immigration doesn’t happen in some vacuum, it affects things, it replaces things and maybe just maybe those things it replaces will be missed.

  3. Willie Mandoza VI

    Alex Jones is a Bitch, I wish one person would ask him about turning is back on Millie, He’s a coward!.
    I love Ryan Long he’s the Man!

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