Crisis EXPOSES Narcissistic Feminism, Hard Times Show The Ideology Falls Apart Under Pressure

Tim and Adam dissect what it looks like when feminism is put under pressure: In the past, when faced with the prospect of a female draft, the most vocal proponents of feminism quickly backtracked from their extreme stances on “equality”. When equality of opportunity meets equality of responsibility, modern feminism is exposed for the narcissistic idea it truly is.

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2,502 Replies to “Crisis EXPOSES Narcissistic Feminism, Hard Times Show The Ideology Falls Apart Under Pressure”

  1. Clyde Reynolds

    Lol bad cycle. girl rejected yung guy both grow old. Now girl is stuck with kid from hook up looking for a new guy. Guy now doing a lot better and out of his horny 20s looks at girls profile 4kids 2 devorcis and looking for a guy with his “shit together” guy thinks to himself lol I got my “shit together ” y would I want you bringing me down this girl is tranewrech!!!!! Fast forward a little guys single doing his thing and really making some $$$$ and girls getting food stamps for 4 kids and working minimum wage at Walmart complaining she can’t find a good man……… she had 0 fath that yung boy could be something and now he has 0 fath she will be anything but that little girl

  2. Centurion84

    It seems to be a “grass is greener on the other side” syndrome that appears to be affecting the mindset of some of these activists, whether it be about male privilege in the case of feminists or white privelage

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