‘Creeping Normality’ Is What Lets Culture Creep Happen, Death By A Thousand Cuts Is REAL

The beanie crew looks at the fascinating idea of ‘creeping normality,’ where norms and ideals are shifted out from under people little by little, a la the boiled frog experiment, and Tim explains the system by which the far left makes its presence known, including seeding fake news, repeating the lies, all made possible by their allies in the media.

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687 Replies to “‘Creeping Normality’ Is What Lets Culture Creep Happen, Death By A Thousand Cuts Is REAL”

  1. J Mack

    If the left has almost complete institutional control. How can they accuse the majority of white conservatives of privilege and institutional rascism? These liberals are the priviledged rascist ones. They project themselves onto everyone else…

  2. John Whitesell

    Karen McBaizuo: “I’m calling your manager to get you fired!”
    Tim Pool (eyes glowing red with power): “I _AM_ the manager!”
    Karen McBaizuo: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

  3. Georgette Plume

    Not really understanding that there is no far right economically. There are over 500 billionaires and multi billionaires in America with a combined worth of trillions jeff besoz earns $28.000 an hour. They own America, the goverment and the 330 million people living there. They own the media, the conversation and black lives matter. They own the laws. Watch freedom of speech dissappear in the next few years under the guise of social justice intersectionality laws. Watch millions of unemployed and homeless increase and black and white
    ordinary people fighting each other on the streets, already divided by the media. Watch desperate people trying to survive without work because of the virus, recesssion world wide economic depression and the massive increase of artificial intelligence. If you say anything about these corporations you will be charged with hate crimes because corporations are individuals who have a committment to social justice and intersectionality and it will already be in law to not speak against them Even Hitler will pale into insignificance compared to what is coming. The far right are here. Once they have made use of patrisse cullorrs it will be her and co that will first against the wall.

  4. Quint O'Malley

    Creeping normality is the very same strategy that the nazis used when they took power in Germany. It was a very slow, almost imperceptible, change that ultimately resulted in the parliament building being burned to the ground ‘in a freak accident’, which allowed Hitler to take absolute power within the government.

  5. Jay Time

    CREEPING NORMALITY with gun control first step required thousand dollar certification classes – end game ALL weapons are BANNED & its will happen regardless what people think there are examples in many older country of this thing actually happening people need check out govn ventura if they are anti gun

  6. male272

    It’s called Fabian Socialism….named after Roman General that used delay tactics to wear down opponent armies with the understanding that the longer they were in the field, the lesser their morale, health, etc. Do a quick Wiki, you’ll see the first ‘Coat of Arms’ they adopted, and abandoned as it was counter-productive to their cause…it shows a wolf in sheeps clothing. The idea is that generationally they could influence each a bit further towards the ‘ideal’. It is also extant in the Marxist concept of ‘The Long March’, attaining positions of social influence over time in predominant institutions, such as Academia.

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