COVID-19 Is EVERYWHERE, The US May Be On The Brink Of An Outbreak

As the coronavirus makes inroads in almost every country in the world, almost every American state also see at least one possible case. As California watches 8,000 suspected cases and New York puts 700 people in voluntary quarantine, Tim and Adam consider the implications of an American outbreak, and how it would spread through the US.

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1,523 Replies to “COVID-19 Is EVERYWHERE, The US May Be On The Brink Of An Outbreak”

  1. Kelly Boggs

    The disease we fight is the death panels and committees headed by Bill Gates. There is no vaccine that will save us from depopulation.
    This will require laser focus on what the traitors in this gov who have opened the door for bill’s death committees to keep from being arrested and killed for treason all because Biden’s crackhead son got busted and it threatened to out Obama, Clinton, fat nadler, China lover Feinstein, commie comey
    Man I could go on but I hope you get what I’m saying.

  2. Quasaricemage

    Best things to hoard for a crisis- ammunition, medicines, Alcohol, Tobacco Products, dry/dehydrated foods, TP. All not only very useful- but will always have high trade/barter values.

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