Covid-19 Disinfo Spread By Tyrannical Enemies Might Cause WWIII

An unholy alliance of enemies of the west has been spreading disinformation about the causes of the pandemic, and the mainstream media has played a willing role. Now these ‘mischaracterizations’ might lead to something bigger as the growing fears of the pandemic inspire increased government control and disruptions to the supply chain. Tim and Adam assess the various components of what makes these lies so harmful, and how long they’ve been in progress.

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199 Replies to “Covid-19 Disinfo Spread By Tyrannical Enemies Might Cause WWIII”

  1. Douglas waterman

    The people who are dying are dying from the flu. Every year this happens worldwide. This year is not any different. The numbers have been falsified.

  2. Steven Schulhof

    What happens if they invade Taiwan aren’t they also spreading the virus to Taiwan as part of their weapons Cash they send over 100,000 troops or wherever they may send them and they have tested positive for the virus is that chemical warfare in a roundabout way

  3. Valhallen

    I’ve been saying COV19 was a Chinese bioweapon since the moment it came out that China never stopped international flights from Wuhan.

    We already are at war with China. Fuck China and the Chinese. They can all burn in hell.

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