Counter-Militia Interaction Planned For Saturday, Will There Be ESCALATION In Louisville??

Two militias are planning to show up to demonstrate in Louisville on Saturday morning. The beanie crew mulls what might happen – and hope it will be peaceful and an opportunity for some shared commonalities between the groups.

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1,938 Replies to “Counter-Militia Interaction Planned For Saturday, Will There Be ESCALATION In Louisville??”

  1. Crimadella Phone

    Ehh, Tim…you can’t seek justice for something that is legal and no knock warrants are ok’ed by a judge, thus they are legal.

  2. Steve Grimes

    It seems that “grandpa j” and his merry band suffered 2 casualties today from friendly fire during a “safety check” ROFLMAO my sides are boating out as this shows the competence of these self styled idoots.

  3. ryan halsey

    Tim i believe theres more research needing to be done into this Breyona Taylor case on your guys behalf. In short the cops knocked were fired appon she was shot in return fire and was linked to the drug drug dealing that the warrant was about in very short.

  4. Crimadella Phone

    I agree with Adam, the NFAC people seem to be asking for a fight, most gun clubs do not go around asking people to come challenge them. Then on top of that, their ideology is a violent one, known to have insane people who try to cause trouble.

  5. Matthew E - Science

    The 3%ers outgun the black militias and are better trained. A conflict would be pointless and would cause the race war against whites to escalate.

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