Coronavirus Resurgence in China?

Is the coronavirus on the rise in China? Authorities trapped thousands in the Shanghai international airport for coronavirus testing after reports of coronavirus cases in the airport. US investors have invested billions of dollars into Chinese military linked companies. Henry Kissinger calls on Joe Biden to go soft on China. Too big to fail Chinese state-run industries, like semiconductor maker Tsinghua Unigroup, are defaulting on debt. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Taiwan is not part of China and strengthens the US Taiwan alliance, irrespective of US China relations. Joshua Wong is arrested as Hong Kong continues to deteriorate. And the UK threatens companies that violate the Huawei ban. That and more China news on this week’s China news headlines!

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  1. hallasi lived666

    American Media is like a wild horse gone loose or a rabid dog they attack whomever so long as the bucks flow into their wallets they don’t care ! Where is the board on Ethical reporting ? You have it in the medical industry as the FDA , unless US Govt’s put clear measures in place to curb this blind lust for greed via platforms that influence millions , Americans will wake up to a red flag with yellow stars on it & NO free speech ! Given the controversial results of this election – people msu tbe ready to move lock stock & barrel across states ie Republican /Democrat as the violence employed by the Democratic party & it’s sponsors show that Republican supporters lives are @ risk .

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