Coronavirus Is OFFICIALLY A Pandemic, It’s Time To Take This SERIOUSLY

The World Health Organization has (finally!) declared coronavirus a pandemic: Tim clarifies the difference between yesterday and today, and why the WHO might have waited so long to classify the outbreak as a pandemic.

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1,083 Replies to “Coronavirus Is OFFICIALLY A Pandemic, It’s Time To Take This SERIOUSLY”

  1. Lady Crystal R- U.S.A

    In the future, healthy people will be kidnapped for their lungs too. Not just their kidneys and other organs. 😞 🇺🇸

  2. Shield Maiden

    I can’t believe how much misinformation is going around… Stop freaking out. Andy Carvin is paid to induce panic. That’s what journalists like him do. This is not a killing illness. The only deaths in 1st world countries are those who were already dying from other conditions when they got it and people with weakened immune systems. No one else needs to be stocking up toilet paper. I have seen healthy elderly people recover much like they had the flu. This lung damage narrative is not true for healthy people. There’s no reason to horde canned goods, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper. Those of you who are have normal immune systems should be ashamed. Your selfish and ignorant fear has decimated charities that help the people who cannot afford these things, people who now have no job and no paycheck thanks to public paranoia. Stop using your money and influence to chokehold supply chains. This podcast should stop encouraging such elitist tactics.

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