Coronavirus BREAKS Quarantine, SF Declares Emergency, CDC Says It’s ON

The latest news about coronavirus is not reassuring. Adam and Tim discuss the seriousness of the virus spread and the importance of preparing for possible quarantines with food stores.

2,214 Replies to “Coronavirus BREAKS Quarantine, SF Declares Emergency, CDC Says It’s ON”

  1. Seth Houser

    Okay, here is the cold hard truth. When China did not tell the world about this virus, and they let it spread outward, it was already to late. It is everywhere and it will spread no matter what we do. People will either get infected or not. We just need to calm down and stop panicking! No one could have stopped this, because China did not tell anyone.

  2. Big B

    3:31 Mankind will never come together because we are collectively a society full of hubris with terrible hindsight, which is more likely to be our downfall more than anything else we are capable of on this planet

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