Cops BOW To Unconstitutional Orders From Wannabe Tyrants Like De Blasio As They Enforce Lockdowns


Tim, Ian, and Lydia host guest and online viral prankster-turned-political-commentator Joey Salads discuss the ways in which police have chosen to enforce unconstitutional edicts during the covid lockdowns.

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707 Replies to “Cops BOW To Unconstitutional Orders From Wannabe Tyrants Like De Blasio As They Enforce Lockdowns”

  1. 7thesb

    Its not just our oath but its in policy that LEO’s can not enforce laws that r illegal, immoral or unconstitutional. Dont give up on use just because of a few.

  2. Amba Bamba

    🤣🤣🤣 Tim’s pronunciation of Sheriff

    She – Riff😂😂😂

    However there’s improvement in just in this 22 minute clip

    Just think of ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ Cher + dog barking, Ruff = Sheriff
    Cher + Ruff = Sheriff

    Your welcome.

    Also I live in NYC & DeBlasio & Cuomo are the worse we’ve had in government positions in a VERY long tome

  3. The D

    Tim is constantly capitulating to his YouTube overlords, but he expects everybody else to stand up against the mob. That’s rich.

    YouTube tells him he can’t say certain words, Tim doesn’t use these words
    YouTube tells him, he can’t show certain videos, Tim doesn’t show these videos.
    YouTube tells him he can’t cover certain stories, Tim doesn’t cover these stories.

  4. Fred Welsh

    Tim too upset to listen… lol. your point about what makes a criminal technically or colloquially, or if they should enforce or not enforce immoral laws, something that was touched on with the Nazis in the Nuremburg trails… besides this being the exact thing these officers who are acting on behalf of the governors/mayors unconstitutionally are doing

    Tim has many faults, but this isnt normally one of his, but you were in every way totally here, and he was just not listening :))

    Also Tim, wake up. ACAB, not because the idea of cops are bad. These traitors beat peaceful protestors many times, while allowing rioters and looters free reign to make the messages of the legitimate protests look bad. If any of them were heroes theyd speak out against this and the many many many things like it.

    These guys havent been good guys in SOOOO many obvious and regular and consistent repeated ways, the fact that you refuse to allow the dialogue(I realize it not actually any of you that wont) is causing soo much harm, that until were willing to start calling things like they are, these endless circular conversations are intentionally wasteful and superfluous…. all while every day evil creeps ever forwards

  5. Zac 48

    Trump could do much more than he is doing. He’s been hobbled and broken, like a horse, with a bit in his mouth and a saddle on his back, and sitting in the saddle is Nancy Pelosi. He has not performed as promised. At this stage of the game he’s more interested in his legacy and how the world will see him than in saving the free world from the tyranny of world-wide corporate communism.

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