Contact Tracing Data SHARED By Government In North Dakota With Private Companies Google, Foursquare

Government contact tracing app is sending user data to private companies, and Tim and Adam discuss the implications of selling liberty for security.

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1,265 Replies to “Contact Tracing Data SHARED By Government In North Dakota With Private Companies Google, Foursquare”

  1. The Dootper

    What if the innocent people were essential for wold peace or ending hunger and poverty? What if that one guilty person killing more people will ensure the survival of the Human race? What if locking up someone will ensure they will become an murderer in the future? What if games can not be won, the principle of innocent until proven guilty is the best way to ensure some semblance of justice. If you disagree, you basically connect to be locked up without good reason just as a measure of precaution…

  2. A Non

    Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

  3. Libertas Democratiam

    I’m so glad the UK government has decided to use their own in house app, they’ve been ripped to shreds over it, the fools calling them out for the sensible move (i trust a government electorate has at least some control over than a private company), would be difficult for the US to come up with something like the NHS app. The only reason we can do this is because the NHS is thankfully centralised (I know odd how that’s turning out to be a good thing), any data the app stores the NHS basically already has. Like i say I don’t know yow nations like yours would get past this issue with the government taking control of the health service and centralising it, even if it’s temporary.

  4. sdog300

    Advertising identifier on iOS is sometimes used for support by apps to identify the user without getting more personal info or creating a user account on non social media platforms. It doesn’t mean I trust this tracking app or Apple. I’m still not updating my phone off iOS 13.1. I’ll get my jailbreak and not worry about them tracking me.

  5. Opaque Rayne

    I’m not on Facebook but my other half is. He isn’t an artist but I am. When I buy art supplies he gets advertisements from art supply websites on his Facebook feed. Now that shit bugs the crap out of me. Don’t want to be any part of Facebook yet their still spying on me.

  6. Shane Hollander

    We need a way to opt out or cut cable on measures like these. The fact that we’re not told speaks volumes with regard to their intentions . We simply cannot afford to put our trust in those who have utilized lies & propaganda to manipulate our consent instilling fear, fomenting unrest & shaping public opinion in alignment with their goals & agendas

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