Comedy Is DESTROYED By Woke Politics, There Are Very FEW Good Comedians Left

Tim, Ian, and Lydia sit down with guest and publisher of The Federalist to discuss the fall of modern comedy.

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499 Replies to “Comedy Is DESTROYED By Woke Politics, There Are Very FEW Good Comedians Left”

  1. retrofraction

    Yeah, like I think too many people don’t understand why Globalism is a bad policy for a governing body.

    It just doesn’t work if you want a free market.

    It’s like a bunch of people think that the ending of the TV run of the anime Evangelion is the best ending.

    The ending where humanity gets invaded, taken over by beings from space, and then assimilated into a single consciousness…

    All because a young boy has daddy issues…

    Yeah I really don’t think that is a reality I would ever want.

  2. Nat Brownizzle

    The Left was never against big corporations, the moment the killed the Zar and the rich, they took over those people spots and places and lived in their houses. George Orwell pointed out that Socialists did not hate the rich, but the fact that tjey do not hace waht the rich have. The moment they got the chance to grab those things they did.

    A leftist does not see a monopoly as a threat but as a chance. It was Milton Friedman who was against Monopolies and who pointed out that those can not come to existence without the help of big government

  3. KamuiPan

    Bezzo is obvious a neo-nazi. Look at his skin-head, he probably cut every day. It could be a joke, or couldn’t. That depend if my joke is base on reality or mockery.

  4. James Bass

    Colbert used to have some objectivity and creativity, Strangers With Candy was pretty good, now he’s just a joke himself, bad jokes hes just trash.

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