Combined Social Justice And Leftist Policies Are CRIPPLING Big Cities

Tim and Adam discuss how a combination of social justice (personified by and leftist policies have a net negative effect, especially in large cities where some constitutional rights are on hold of citizens, putting them at risk.

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1,020 Replies to “Combined Social Justice And Leftist Policies Are CRIPPLING Big Cities”

  1. Cole

    Does anyone else find themselves saying “Adam, shut the fuck up” quite often?

    He gives his 2 cents all too often when he admittedly has no idea what he’s talking about and Tim lets him continue for far too long before stopping/correcting him..

  2. Matthew Caldwell

    No, half-measures diluted by the business communities that run both the Left and the Right have fucked up major cities. Homeless crises result from skyrocketing rents and no social safety net. This leads to further instability and crime, exacerbated by overpolicing on the theory that dicking people up and down for minor nonviolent offenses prevents actual crime. Wages haven’t moved up in two generations and any attempt to move them is met with a fusillade of libertarian pseduo-economics. And while those wages are stagnant (actually declining in real terms), developers are buying out the small business crippled by big box stores and raising the consumer prices, so that people who lived in these cities for generations can suddenly no longer afford it. They can’t get better jobs: there aren’t any, and most of them are elderly any way. So what? Go back to school? Are you insane? You may as well tell them buy a house, which has now become less expensive. The only vocational programs are either feeders for corporate giants or unregulated private scam houses. You have NO fucking idea what you’re talking about.

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