China’s Military Will Use “Any Means Necessary” | China Uncensored

China’s military buildup continues. The target: Taiwan, according to a new Pentagon report. Plus, more on the China moon landing!

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110 Replies to “China’s Military Will Use “Any Means Necessary” | China Uncensored”

  1. Rob J

    If China goes after Taiwan, that will be America’s queue to go after China, and I hope America marches all the way to Beijing!

  2. Cygnets Forever

    4:48 “an unexpected side effect of these expired vaccines was violent protest over the weekends”

    I swear that was incredible irony right there, good job 😂😂😂

    But CCP better not cross this line again, for the sake of the people, please.

  3. Santiago-XD

    The second u said things about “moon panda”, u transformed this channel from a information source to a source of hate.

  4. Man Bites Dog

    Allow me to turn that around by saying, what makes China think the free world wouldn’t use any means necessay to stop them in their tracks?
    And by the way Mister Xi, Taiwan is and always will be a free, independent, sovereign country, if I can help it!

  5. Home Media

    US should have let Nanking continue, in retrospect. CCP would have been the next soldiers to be defeated. The world was close to victory and opted for peace instead. China continued the lack of peace internally. Terrible…

  6. J Johnson

    Let’s put intermediate range nuclear weapons in Taiwan. That would chill the CCP’s ambitions really quick. Oh right, they were banned by treaty. NOTE: I said WERE banned – past tense. Russia decided to ditch the treaty banning them.

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