China Tests AI To Identify Minorities And Report Them To Police

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host former progressive candidate Jen Perelman in a conversation about China’s amazingly dystopic use of AI to keep track of minorities.

Guest: Jen Perelman
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496 Replies to “China Tests AI To Identify Minorities And Report Them To Police”

  1. Jamie Coggin

    Imagine if it was used to target blacks. By the gods, you’d never hear the end of it… And maybe something would finally be done about China

  2. Aaron Louie

    Here’s a mindbender; if China indeed is gonna use facial recognition AI to locate and liquidate Uighurs, problem is, what happens if it’s a Han Chinese of half/quarter Uighur ancestry–or even of Hui (i.e, Chinese Muslim) ethnicity? Or better yet, if those 55 nations, other than the 56th, i.e, the Han, are already ‘Sinicized?’ That makes as much sense as the Third Reich’s Mischlinge laws.

  3. Gerhard Mes.

    It is time to restart the debate what a government has to do and what it should do? I mean on a philosophical terms. This discussion somewhat ended with the Enlightenment and the rise of governments.

  4. Halcion Koenig

    Remember though, Biden isn’t racist, and neither is China, while China incarcerates non-Han Chinese, and Biden has extensive business ties with the Communist Party.
    Democrat Party wanted to enslave minorities, and helped Communist China rise to near absolute power. Fuck the Democrats, and Republicans, still supporting the CCP.
    Collectivism = Bad
    Autonomous Collective = Good

  5. Kerbal AirForce

    Typical Leftists. Deflecting the Chinese Communists forced labor camps with forced sterilization and organ harvesting to the private US prison system.

  6. Hateful Cupcake

    You know who else was a collective? The freaking Borgs from Star Trek a bunch of mindless drones. God I can just see her saying ‘ Join the Collective. Resistance is useless. You will be assimilated.’

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