China Just LASED A US Navy Ship, Could Coronavirus Push Us To WAR?

Breaking news caught our eye today when a story broke that China had “lased” an American ship. No details of injuries or damage were included in the story, but Tim and Adam discuss some of the pressures faced by both China and the US at this critical point in history.

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1,628 Replies to “China Just LASED A US Navy Ship, Could Coronavirus Push Us To WAR?”


    Trust me….China doesn’t any war at this time. They have never succeeded in defeating any reasonable enemy other than their own government during WW2. China will be done in 1 year if there was any war.

  2. Andrew

    China needs to pay without us going to war. Sadly we wont get there. If we pull out of China it will cause a war. But we need to pull out of everything China related.

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