China Blows Up Taiwan’s Olive Branch | India Taiwan Lovefest!

China has just blown up Taiwan’s peace offering, an attempt to have “meaningful dialogue” as the Chinese Communist Party ramps up military pressure and threats of invasion of Taiwan, especially in the lead up to the Taiwan National Day. China even tried to get India not to call Taiwan a country on national day. Considering the India China Standoff because of the India China border dispute, that demand didn’t probably go as the Chinese Communist Party expected.

US Alliance to Counter China—But Is There a Weak Link?

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1,637 Replies to “China Blows Up Taiwan’s Olive Branch | India Taiwan Lovefest!”

  1. Sancho Enkhbayar

    I wonder if you are banned at chinese borders. What are the hindrances thats affecting in your life because of videos u make?

  2. Cary Cookson

    There is a lot I like about China, ROTK, Dynasty Warriors, Egg Rolls… sadly this does not outweigh my hatred for communists bullies and pandas. I vote we officially recognize Taiwan as the true China and officially renounce the CCP and kick them out of the UN and ban all trade to mainland China and sanction any country who does business with them and throw any individuals who do businesses with them in jail for life. Or better yet throw them in zoo with pandas until death. 😉 hey CCP! go fuck yourselves!

  3. Tan Nguyen

    Hello Chiris C. I think it’s time for the world to rename South China Sea to South Asia sea or what ever. This name is doesn’t make sense and that make CCP building island and claim most of the South Asia sea .
    If we could make the world call new name this may help for future and it will really make CCP happy .

  4. Mukund Shivakumar

    The fucking conceit in those utter mongs. They really thought they could control OUR media, like they can with theirs

  5. Ashfaq Khan

    *Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar’s biggest defeat is end of LAC and losing Galwan Valley. Dragon at the door. Indian army Debacle*

  6. Chesmy Kamar

    Previous leader of Taiwan Changkaichek escaped from China many followed him because he does not like communist law under Mao che tong he established his own government in Taiwan a democratic law.

  7. DIPESH op

    I think ppl don’t know how badly our indian army beaten Chinese army on borders in 90 s

    😝🤣🤣 But Chinese media have no guts to show that cases 🤣🤣 and bbc and other big corporations don’t talk about these thing
    Accept india is a country of shit , Dirt and population ,

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