Chicago RAZES Whole Projects, Life In Big Cities Is NOT Worth It

A foray onto Google maps to explore Tim’s old stomping grounds turns up a shocking surprise – an entire housing project, completely leveled like it never existed.

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2,065 Replies to “Chicago RAZES Whole Projects, Life In Big Cities Is NOT Worth It”

  1. David Evens

    This change is part of a long series of similar changes in Chicago. The one probably best known is the demolition of the Cabrini-Green complex (implied to be the location of the Evans family home in the 70’s sitcom Good Times as footage of it was used for the opening and closing credits) starting in the mid-90s. Cabrini-Green was a mess by this time, though. The place was so dangerous the police refused to patrol there, and the firefighters would only go in with a police escort. The residents were effectively forced to take street gang protection racket deals. Large portions were burned out without any intention to repair them. There were so may suicides by jumping off the balconies of the buildings that had them they were enclosed in wire mesh, which made the buildings look like a prison. In the end, all the high-rises were demolished, and most of the remaining townhouses are empty.

  2. g dosh

    The only real draw I’ve ever had to cities is the amount of stuff there is to do and the interesting people, other than that, I’ll take my country property any day. You don’t have to worry about the crime, you can see the stars at night, and you can go outside without 10 eyes following you around at all times.

  3. Jay One

    This man loves to tell people how he’s from the south side of Chicago but like he said he on a block that’s half Chicago half suburbs. That explains a lot 😂 he can’t speak for Chicago 💯

  4. Garland Green

    They tore these down to force people out…then moved them to Iowa & other states to get them off their books. Truth.

  5. Maxwell Horne

    Do you actually have no idea why they tore down the buildings? Owners dont do it for no reason. It’s expensive and a waste of rentable space.

  6. jennifer stewart

    You are still giving dems money so you are the problem
    Every program they have that has a really great name is the opposite
    War on poverty
    Made more poverty and now dependent on the state
    They say america is over crowded but its so not google earth and see
    We could all go back to small propertys raise our own food
    That is a real war on poverty
    War on drugs😹😹cia is bringing them in our military is protecting poppy fields
    They were trump kabashing that
    Bringing troops home
    All the charities that help children
    Including UNICEF google all arrests
    The un has so many arrests for hurting children

  7. jennifer stewart

    The wealthy people of chicago have their own police who are trained by regular police but….they have flexible rules as in people get beat and nothing the courts will do for you

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