CHAZ Riots Reignite, 150 People Loot Seattle Businesses As Trump Threatens MAJOR Tactical Deployment

CHAZ Riots Reignite, 150 People Loot Seattle Businesses As Trump Threatens MAJOR Tactical Deployment. The group is forming in the same place where the CHAZ took place last month, Cal Anderson park.

Only this time the far left mob is rioting about town smashing windows, setting fires, and looting businesses.

In all of this one has to wonder where the police are? Well the Democrats of Seattle have blocked Police from using crowd control equipment against the riots so mostly nothing is getting done.

At the same time Democrats are literally joining in with a council woman in Seattle and the Mayor of Portland literally joining the far left.

Trump is now seeing his poll numbers climb and its obvious to anyone. Americans want to vote for law and order and only Trump seems interested in delivering. Republicans may be in a close 2nd but Trump has a very heavy hand against antifa and far leftists.


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4,292 Replies to “CHAZ Riots Reignite, 150 People Loot Seattle Businesses As Trump Threatens MAJOR Tactical Deployment”

  1. Jonathan Jasper Reyes

    Looking at Far Left YouTube Channels… They are saying that “The Riots” is the America Trump has made… They are pushing this narrative… Trump’s “Governance” is what made riots and all the shit that is happening right now… They say that is “Fact”… This is “Trump’s Great America” as they Far Leftists says out there…
    Check out David Pakman’s YouTube Channel… Specially on the Community Tab…

  2. Michael Berardi

    These officers have the worst possible jobs right now and I feel for them. But they need to just say fuck this and go out against orders and enforce the law as the law stands right now. They need to apply the same chaos and lawlessness in enacting their jobs that these mayors are allowing these rioters to apply. The mayor can tell you to stand down all he would like. But he cant make you stand down. If they disobey who’s he gonna call the cops?

  3. Michael Berardi

    These police need to realize the words of their mayors are just that words. They still hold the true power. They can go out and do whatever the hell they want or need to get this under control. Because last time I checked if the cops choose to do that, who’s the mayor gonna call? The cops?

  4. TattooedGaijin

    No matter what happens… we can NEVER FORGET THIS!!! 1 year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now. We must keep reminding the American public WHO THE DEMOCRATS REALLY ARE

  5. Michael Denison

    “60,000 more federal agents”

    I am normally wary of that much federal force being applied on domestic soil, but with what’s happening now, I’m completely okay with this.
    Send in the Marines!

  6. Brian Daniel

    I think the reason for the rise in his pole ratings is because he did not act automatically he let things go on so that the American people can see what is going on and a lot of people are coming to the realization that this is not gonna stop when somebody feels enough pain they make a change

  7. Salty Medpac

    Haha how’s that for taxes? You pay them and you get screwed anyway. How about you get together as a society and you protect yourselves. Know your neighbor and befriend them.

  8. Laird Cormell

    Mayor Lightfoot had her Police stand guard at the Columbus statue — being hit by bricks, frozen water bottles and pummeled — supposedly to protect the statue. Oh really? The next day she removes the statue. For godssakes! How callous, how thoughtless, how horrendous! What was her point? Simply to demoralize the CPD, or maybe to let the mob know how powerful they are?

  9. Gian T giant

    You might be right Matthew Sobke,, because all this talking and trying to wish these democrats and these communist’s away, Is not working and I think their laughing at us.. Blinding police with lazar’s, pulling down our statue’s and history is not stopping and it’s getting worse.. I think that the democrate’s and the media should be held completely responsible for all of this.

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