Charges Filed Against Three Cops In Minneapolis Are TOUGH, Could They Be Too Much??

Tim and Adam discuss charges being filed against Derrick Chauvin and Co, and consider the higher stakes and threats to personal safety of law enforcement as a job. Tim takes a hard line on using rioting as a weapon to accomplish goals.

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1,262 Replies to “Charges Filed Against Three Cops In Minneapolis Are TOUGH, Could They Be Too Much??”

  1. Hollowpoint Ninjzz

    Gonna have to disagree,Tim. The people will never achieve what they want if it’s not through force. It sucks but that’s human nature. How do you think we got civil rights? Being nice? Peaceful marching? No; the Gov didn’t give us civil rights until the people rioted for a week after the murder of MLK. Black folks was tired af. Then the Gov had was forced. They didn’t give it to us because it was the RIGHT THINGS TO DO. They did it out of fear. – “If I can’t get what I want through reason. The next step is by force.” The way every conqueror has historically done it. People are just relearning that.

  2. Hollowpoint Ninjzz

    The things is I was in the Army and if we accidentally kill someone or kill the wrong person in war time we get fried. Cops shouldn’t get off on the things they do because their job is dangerous. You have to be more responsible and more professional. And no; standing on someone’s neck is not okay to do. And if there’s no conviction. Get ready for something really bad to kick off. Because you know it’s gonna happen with these protesters. The other cops need to be charged because they didn’t stop it from happening. They could have taken the killer down themselves to save that mans life. They’ll all probably only get probation or something anyway as always.

  3. eivis13

    Here’s a thought, these riots will make police even more prepared to use lethal force. If an officer is being overprotective in a situation and hold his hand on his holster now, they’re gonna start pointing that gun in the future. These riots aren’t solved by police or government, it solved by the people trying to evade the law by coming out and admiring they broke the law and doing their sentence (being a fine, location restrictions or jail time).

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