Censorship SILENCES Time-Sensitive Information, This Is A Serious Issue

Tim details some of the suppression his videos face, even as he is attempting to discuss serious (literally life-threatening) issues that the public needs to know about.

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813 Replies to “Censorship SILENCES Time-Sensitive Information, This Is A Serious Issue”

  1. William Maurice

    Was the video taken down or did you just lose your monetization? People can usually say whatever they want online, and make money if they build their own platform, but if you want to be employed by someone else who has to answer to scared shareholders and 3rd party companies then you can’t cry when they don’t pay you for certain things (as written in the TOS).All debates are like that now, just get the transcript to avoid the 33% that is clapping.
    During a quarantine of a deadly illness people shouldn’t be converging in groups. It doesn’t mean they should cancel things that can be held and broadcast in a private setting such as having the speakers show up or hold it online.What’s with all the comments about China? The world has been getting strangled by the Community Party of China for
    decades now but people don’t object until it personally effects them. Why I no longer watch blockbusters.

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