Cats DESTROY Nature, Is This Secretly Why We LIKE Them??

Another article has come out pointing out the environmental impact of cats. Tim and Adam discuss why humans love cats even though they are destructive buggers (“mini supervillains”) who would definitely betray us at the drop of a hat.

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1,144 Replies to “Cats DESTROY Nature, Is This Secretly Why We LIKE Them??”

  1. Sascha Wagner

    thats a bad comparison thogh. All cats have a hunting insinct. Just wildcats do it for actual survival. They just shit on domestic ones becasue they kill for instinct even if you dont need it for survival. Wild cats just converse their energy since tehy dont have a a ready meal waiting for them when they come home………

    Alternativly it might be some single male research that dont like catladys prefering cats to them…. ,-)))

  2. Devn

    cats don’t understand their name like a dog will. but they can recognize the frequency and vibration patter in which you call them and they then know to come when they hear the specific frequency of your voice.

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