Cancel Culture GOES AFTER Magic: The Gathering, Are The Cards REALLY Racist??

MtG aficionados Tim and Adam discuss whether their favored game is racist, and what might make people think it is.

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3,607 Replies to “Cancel Culture GOES AFTER Magic: The Gathering, Are The Cards REALLY Racist??”

  1. Niggle, Thats Me

    If your culture is to steal shit…I give a fuck what people call you….As long as they say it loud enough , so I know a scumbag like that is around….

  2. Enjoy Life

    Incite predudice was clearly inspired by the KKK. If Wizards allow that card to be played officially then it is pretty close to them saying they are fine with profiting from racism. The ban is a good idea. Who even played with that card anyway?

  3. terrytees

    A percentage of humans have recalled a near death experience were there is a large correlation with the subjects being draw towards a white light. This seems to be global and transcends ethnic background or religious belief/disbelief. Whats next, are we going to see a push towards a ban on the afterlife cause of racism?

  4. championchap

    The art of Invoke Prejudice was painted by a well known, vocal Nazi. Check out Harold McNeill’s art on his site.

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