Canada Does NOT Use Computer Voting Systems, The Abrupt Switch To Absentee Voting Is Highly Insecure

Tim and Lydia host recent congressional candidate in Pennsylvania and retired Army captain Sean Parnell (@SeanParnellUSA on Twitter) discuss Sean’s recent case against the state of Pennsylvania and how the US differs from other countries.

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685 Replies to “Canada Does NOT Use Computer Voting Systems, The Abrupt Switch To Absentee Voting Is Highly Insecure”

  1. mcyeller

    I worked two elections in canada.
    My official title was called returning officer.
    Me an my assistant were in charge of a specific area.
    I verified Id and addresses and gave out one paper ballot.
    Then I supervised voting and placement of one ballot in my box.
    When vote closed I opened box with my assistant and we counted
    each proper ballot in front of two or more witnesses.
    We rejected some ballots as well.
    We filled out paperwork and waited until all parties were satisfied.
    Then We put everything in the ballot box, even the pencils and sealed it.
    We handed in ballot box, paperwork and a signed statement.
    Everything was traceable back to me.

  2. Ted Franke

    In KY we were told that we couldn’t vote the normal way-going to your neighborhood voting location-because most of the poll workers are older and high-risk for Covid. I signed up to be a poll worker, so did my sister-in-law and many others, and we never got a call. They used Covid as the excuse to change the rules of the election to get rid of Trump. The Dems tried to do the same thing to Abe Lincoln around 150+ years ago, but thanks to a whistleblower they didn’t win. We need to make sure this stuff never happens again, and we need a Voter ID for all 50 states.

  3. Patrick Johnson

    How were all voters disenfranchised by the option to use mail in ballots in the state of PA? You could either choose to mail in your ballot or vote in person. I think it’s common sense that everyone who used a mail in ballot would have voted for the use of mail in ballots to be formally constitutional had there been enough time to vote on it. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I think it’s safe to assume it would have passed considering more people voted via mail in ballot than in person…

  4. Michael Tee

    I am Canadian and live and vote in Canada. This video is VERY misleading. Canada does not use voting machines for federal elections but does use them in Conservative and Liberal leadership races, meaning that the federal election itself does not use the machines but the leaders in the election were chosen by party elections which use dominion voting systems. Also, in the last provincial election in Ontario I vividly remember putting my ballot into voting machine that looked like a dominion voting machine. Want proof? check out the replies to this.

  5. Peter Messum

    UK comment – over here this subject isn’t even mentioned by the msm why? – oh, i think i’ve just answered my own question, i could weep for the US.

  6. KJW

    So what you’re saying is that they can change any law they want to make the election turn out how they want it to, then afterwards correct the mistake but leave the vote as is even if it was fixed and fraudulent?
    That’s insane! Those votes were illegally cast hurting those who have been disenfranchised by the corruption in office.

  7. NinjaRider777R

    If you think Canada’s voting isn’t rigged, explain Justin Trudeau voted in multiple times even though he’s a hated piece of $#!+ that nobody likes.

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