California Detention Center FORCIBLY Injects Teen Boy With Female Hormones

In a very disturbing news story, a California juvenile detention center used female hormones (ostensibly) to make a boy more compliant and agreeable. Adam and Tim discuss the lawsuit and the details we know so far about this medical malpractice.

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2,363 Replies to “California Detention Center FORCIBLY Injects Teen Boy With Female Hormones”

  1. Special EDy

    I was diagnosed with O.D.D. as a kid. Another doctor rescinded the diagnosis later. Im 30, I have no criminal background, I make slightly over the median income, I live a quiet life with my two cats. I guess the doctors were wrong…
    Another one, my pediatrician wanted to give me hormone injections to delay puberty because they said otherwise I’d be short, I’m 5′ 11″ now, without the treatment.

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