Business Owner Trapped In CHOP Watched Area Turn Into War Zone

Reports out of the now-demolished CHAZ/CHOP indicate that the area was a legit war zone, especially after two teens joyriding are shot in cold blood, one of whom died. Tim and Adam discuss why the mayor finally decided to take action against the protesters.

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2,074 Replies to “Business Owner Trapped In CHOP Watched Area Turn Into War Zone”

  1. D Hunter

    Regarding your “someone does something stupid” moment, I can all but guarantee you that if that scene from “V for Vendetta” occurred here, CNN would be talking about how a mob of white nationalists assaulted an officer of the law who was just doing his job. Tim, did “V” teach you NOTHING about the power of the press and propaganda? Like the scene where V blew up the Old Bailey and the news reported it as a “grand send-off” prior to demolition?

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