Buffalo Police Riot Response Team RESIGN Over Treatment Of Officers Shown On Video Pushing Old Man

Tim and Adam discuss what it would take for people to either defend the police or defund them, and all the added complexity that increased scaling for a large city entails.

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3,091 Replies to “Buffalo Police Riot Response Team RESIGN Over Treatment Of Officers Shown On Video Pushing Old Man”

  1. rkorsberg

    Look closely at the video….the old man’s right hand is going toward the cops firearm and is immediately pushed away ….the group of cops were on a MISSION, that counts on everyone doing EVERYTHING in a coordinted manner, actually like a choreographed dance. As a person with personal defense experience, I have been conditioned to watch an opponent’s eyes, hip turns, shoulder turns to anticipate what the opponent is planning to do, so I can counter his movements before he strikes. The old man deserved what he got. The cops did exactly what they should have for THEIR personal safety. YOU liberal aholes are the ones that don’t back up the police in this kind of case…Just like the cops in Seattle are NOT backed up by their supervisors or the Mayor…Liberal shitheads have no sense of commitment to backing up their employees.

  2. Jason Gooden

    Adam: a situation can turn seemingly normal to someone shooting at them.

    ain’t that the truth, the Rayshard Brooks case

  3. Brian Shissler

    My eyesight must be off, it looks like the old dude reached for the cops belt before he was shoved. Is this not what happened?

  4. Mark Heppleston

    As for the rioters and looters. It is a tragedy in the making! So many of them seem to know so little of history and are otherwise too young to remember “Kent State!! A “tragedy in the making”!!!

  5. Keto in the Kitchen with Pat

    Tim, a military man friend of mine stated this old gentleman was waving a scanner over the police (watch closely and you’ll see he had something in his hand) that can scan their locations. So there was more to the story than the news ever discloses, and wants everyone to think the police were just “mean” and create more anger.

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