“#BritainFirst” Trends on Twitter


The people who pay the most attention to the politics of the radical right are the radical left.

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203 Replies to ““#BritainFirst” Trends on Twitter”

  1. Joseph Breed

    A phobia is an unreasonable fear. Anyone who puts a religious ideal above individual freedoms SHOULD be feared. The modern Left included.

  2. kentuckydan

    A phobia is an irrational fear when fanatics kill a soldier in broad daylight and the walk around on the street with his head hanging from their hands, a reaction against the ideology which provoked such an act is not irrational, I am concerned about the morality police attitude I seem to hear in the we should not let people like that join the Tory Party, How about deciding that based on what a person has actually done rather than who they associated with? Sorry sounds too much like the Soviet Criminal Code Charge of Contact with persons suspected of Anti Socialist Activity,. I think that was 58-3, classified one as an Enemy of the Workers,

  3. Craig Penney

    Im British and a patriot. For those trying to errode our values. My answer to you is F**k off. Sod off back to whence you came.

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