BOMBSHELL: This is EXACTLY WHY Silver & Gold Will EXPLODE Many Multiples HIGHER!!

Protect Your Retirement W/ A Bitcoin. IRA


Noble Bitcoin is Who I Trust ^^^

You haven’t seen anything yet. Gold & Silver will EXPLODE many multiples higher in coming weeks, months and years, and in this interview with writer & researcher David Jensen, we explain EXACTLY why. This is concrete, quantifiable information that could make you wealthy if you LISTEN. God bless.

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“Breathe” and “Fallen”
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401 Replies to “BOMBSHELL: This is EXACTLY WHY Silver & Gold Will EXPLODE Many Multiples HIGHER!!”

  1. Sal Tee

    All Bank Deposits you are considered an “Unsecured Creditor “ .. The 2012 Dodd Frank Bill states that if the bank fails or loses a Derivative Contract Your Deposits will be used to cover loss and …Derivatives are in 1st position to get paid !!! Before Shareholders ,Depositors

  2. Angelina Parodi

    So I was going to dip into or just surrender my IRA ..its hardly moved so coukd someone give me a reason not to or should I invest it in gold/silver instead??? Where would I purchase a legit company to purchase these precious metals also?

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