BLM Street Mural ERASED After Woman Requests MAGA Mural, Too

A real estate attorney in Redwood City, CA made the apparently-scandalous request for a MAGA 2020 mural on the same street that hosted the city-sanctioned BLM mural. Instead of acquiescing, administration hastily scrubbed the original mural. Tim and Adam discuss the implications of the story for the countless cities now that have BLM murals.

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3,684 Replies to “BLM Street Mural ERASED After Woman Requests MAGA Mural, Too”

  1. Gerbo

    As a European i want to see this shit in the national news here !!! Get massive amounts of requests in !!! Pls do me this favour.

  2. Lonefish331 YT

    Too true that they opened the door. Now they will try to say no to conservatives or anyone who doesn’t agree with them… take it to the Supreme Court and they will make the decision.

  3. SilverDragonEyess

    We must preserve a place for our people and a future for white children. That’s not exclusively a Nazi position.

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