BLM Protester Arrested By FEDS For Sabotaging NYPD Vehicle, Plotting To Compromise BRIDGE

A BLM protester was arrested by the FBI for an attempt to damage a police vehicle in what might be the wildest story of the evening. Tim and Adam discuss why the feds would get involved in an NYPD issue, and their conclusions point to more hammer-dropping by Bill Barr’s justice department.

A cop-hating protester was busted by the FBI on Wednesday for attempting to cut the brake line on an NYPD van, officials said.

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981 Replies to “BLM Protester Arrested By FEDS For Sabotaging NYPD Vehicle, Plotting To Compromise BRIDGE”

  1. Bruce Comstock

    Next time there is a problem in the court house maybe the judge will see the light when no cops go.
    FBI does have jurisdiction of interstate commerce so if the NYPD transports prisoners across state lines then that fits.

  2. Austin Katz

    BLM is a communist subversion organization, they rile up young peoples emotions and convince them that violent means and hatred are valid to combat all the “evils” that have been suppressing POC’s and other groups, when in reality it’s this very mindset and distorted view of America that will suppress any and all who accept and act on it. LOVE is the only true way forward to free those who have been disenfranchised by the lies and deceit of the Marxcist democrat party.

  3. john anderson

    Hahah dumbass cut the wrong line. Hahahah worse case the van has an “abs” light on the dash. Hahaha really kicked that white supremacist where it hurts. Hahah

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