14 Replies to “Black man shares his optimism on Trump victory”

  1. Jack Ronald

    Hey BCP, I’ve been subscribed & watching for over 7 months as soon as I discovered your amazing content! Thought I would go back & see how it started, great work and very inspiring. Thanks!

    • Big Belly Rebuilds .

      Yes! We are doing the same! We are going back in time to look at previous videos! He sure has come a very long way! Very proud of him! We are thankful for his channel.

    • Big Belly Rebuilds .

      Yes! It sure has! I am just checking out all his back videos myself. He sure has come a long way! BCP is doing a great job!

  2. Philip Garrison

    I have been following you for a couple of months. I loved the video you posted yesterday, especially the introduction about all of us being American brothers despite our backgrounds. You are doing a tremendous job. Thank you. I just looked up your oldest videos, you have come a long way from the pre-election 80+ views. Congratulations! Hopefully some day we will meet. I am in the socialist republic of NY. You?

    • Big Belly Rebuilds .

      We are doing the same! We are looking at his oldest previous videos from four years ago when he first got started! And my on my! BCP has certainly come a long way! Very proud to be a subscriber to his channel! I trust that our channel can rise from the ashes likes his has! He is awesome!

    • Black Conservative Patriot

      +raymeester LOL. Actually I love sarcasm. Sorry I didn’t know you were being sarcastic. Unfortunately sarcasm doesn’t always translate well in written replies in social media. Especially since I don’t know you. You don’t have a profile pic, so I clicked to see who you are. Now I get the sarcasm. ☻👍

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