2,458 Replies to “Birds Of Prey Is Insane Woke TRASH, Spoiler Alert But Who Cares Anyway”

  1. ClassyAss MothaFucka

    Here’s the thing about Birds of Prey… It’s not my kind of movie… but my girlfriend loved it.

    Sure it was a little “girl power” and whatever, but it’s pretty rare for me and my girlfriend to find a movie that makes us both super happy. This movie… made me reasonably happy… made her super happy happy. We went home… and she made me super happy. So yeah… I approve of this movie. Y’all nerd out too hard if you can’t deal with the feminist aspects of the movie. The movie was alright… it was an easy watch… I went to get a popcorn refill without worrying about missing key plot points. It was fine. I give it 4/5. It is what it is and it doesn’t pretend to be anything more.

  2. James Calder

    Honestly with the characters they have… I could have made a better movie and I don’t have any experience in film writing hell just rip the Harley story line from Suicide Squad which would have been more about emancipation than this film because it’s actually her breaking away from the joker… physically but instead settled on a weird story where none of the characters were even established.

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