Bill Barr’s Testimony Put Democrat Disrespect And Divisiveness Under The MICROSCOPE

Attorney General William Barr gave testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in response to the deployment of federal troops to cities to manage the rioting. While they didn’t allow him to fully answer many questions, Tim and Adam (and undoubtedly many other Americans) noticed a lot of poor behavior from our democratic leaders.

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3,445 Replies to “Bill Barr’s Testimony Put Democrat Disrespect And Divisiveness Under The MICROSCOPE”

  1. Michael Simmons

    Anyone that tells you to “not listen” to someone else, should be disregarded and cause for listening up.

  2. Whicker Friesian

    The ignorance, hypocrisy, lies and corruption the Democratic Party expresses every single day would be tragic and sad, if it weren’t so full of vitriol and real-life consequences.
    Vote intelligently folks. Never put Fools in positions of power/authority!

  3. MindControl

    If it makes you all feel better in the 90’s as a young UK football Hooligan making 2-4k a week I looked down at leftys and actively beat dozens to a pulp purely because I would be drunk and hate them lol more than one occasion I beat them in front of there birds and pee on them when I have done them in lol would put a lighter flame to there hair in the pub. Don’t do this these days but you gotta remember in my 20’s the pride of Ultra Violence football hooliganism I proudly carried everywhere and I couldn’t respect these jobless druggy scavengers. My firm was ahead of the curve. You can thank me later.

  4. Lord Critish

    The US Democratic Party is the accelerator of civilization spiraling down into the dystopian gutter! They have become so corrupt that they don’t actually notice this anymore.

  5. LossVegas

    You have to laugh at the Dems claiming Barr is a lackey but they were perfectly fine with Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Hell, JFK had his own brother at AG.

  6. jamoecw

    the democrats doing their emotional crap seems like a surprise to most people. if you have been in the military then you have probably encountered an officer which would have a problem. they want you to do something, something that won’t fix the problem, and the officer will get really mad at you if the problem doesn’t get fixed. they are emotional and you have to fix the problem and also do what they tell you in a way that doesn’t fuck things up. sometimes they will dress you down in an emotional tirade without making much sense. their position lets them be this way, and they have some sort of social angle to help with their advancement. bureaucracy fucks up everything, more bureaucracy means more fucked up.

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