Big Tech Censorship Has Gotten Out Of Control, Is It Time To NATIONALIZE Twitter??

Beginning with a brief analysis and respect for the American mode of government, Tim and Adam discuss some of the pitfalls of social media for democracy, complete with clear double standards.

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1,022 Replies to “Big Tech Censorship Has Gotten Out Of Control, Is It Time To NATIONALIZE Twitter??”

  1. Salty Medpac

    Tax payer funded…platforms for monitoring people’s day to day lives and voices……you mean government surveylance?

    • Salty Medpac

      Also what if we force the 1st amendment on ads and youtube make a better algorithm for comercials. Like certain ads play on people’s chanel that actually talk about things relating to the product or follow the ads wants.

  2. Dogge

    You set an extremely dangerous precedent by nationalizing businesses. Remove their protections. We have to much government in our lives.

  3. cp1cupcake

    They basically tried the hippy, everyone has to agree thing. Then they realized that it couldn’t work so they redid it like 3 years later.

  4. aylmer666

    already I’ve seen my comments just disappear on this very website, even on my own private videos I have done as a test. Apparently you can’t even mention a particular clan of terrorists from reconstruction era America along with one of the acts they would commit or the comment just automatically goes away. It’s automated censorship that makes us all dumber.

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