Biden Just Made His BIGGEST Mistake Yet, Endorsing The SAME Thing That Cost Hillary Clinton 2016

Biden Just Made His BIGGEST Mistake Yet, Endorsing The SAME Thing That Cost Hillary Clinton 2016. His Sad Attempt At Far Left Pandering BACKFIRES As Unions Freak Out Over “New Green New Deal.”

Many energy sector unions are worried that with Joe Biden and people like Ocasio Cortez they will lose their jobs and their industries will end.

They are not wrong

Biden just made the same mistake Hillary Clinton did in endorsing the end of fossil fuel industries.

Trump on the other hand has basically endorsed bolstering these industries


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4,322 Replies to “Biden Just Made His BIGGEST Mistake Yet, Endorsing The SAME Thing That Cost Hillary Clinton 2016”

  1. ThePsychodad69

    You do realize that a new car pretty much only expels water, you can’t even gas yourself in a garage before the car runs out of fuel.
    Remember Acid rain? Red slime? Walking along the river and seeing patches of dead fish?

  2. K-9,TheCat

    RBG spoke-out against the very Constitution she swore to uphold!!!
    In an Egyptian TV broadcast she was asked if the American Constitution was a good example to follow when crafting their own…
    She said “No, it doesn’t allow for women in government…”

  3. K-9,TheCat

    Trump brought back the coal-jobs, Biden hasn’t done $hit in the 40 years of his career as a bureaucrat…
    Obama didn’t DO anything to allow fracking… He just didn’t stop it…
    Trump is a builder. Our economy was the best it’s ever been before the “COVID Plan-Demic”…

  4. Diana Novak

    I watch everyday. Even when busy I pop you in to make sure you get views. I share you often. I hope you get rich. My son has a channel reviewing games. So I get how important it is. My son won’t let me share.

  5. greanstreak04

    If Joe is elected, he will leave office within one year due to a medical condition. This will leave the diversity chosen vice-president the presidency. Whoever she is will not be vetted by the press. There will be no media outcry, no protests, she will create problems that will take decades to fix…

  6. promiskept

    Is Joe Malarkey Biden the Cream of the Swamp?
    Even against the Orange Scarecrow straw-man, are his scripted views on environmental “safety”,meeting the real need, or skewing benefits to some, at the expense of many honest, hard-working voters?!

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