Biden ENABLES The Far Left, His Presidency Would Open The Door To MASSIVE Leftward Shift

Tim and Adam discuss the potential pitfalls of a Biden presidency and note that he, himself, does not need to be far left for extreme, radical leftism to find a place in the US government – and his tweet about wanting to ‘transform’ the US does not bode well for the future.

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1,142 Replies to “Biden ENABLES The Far Left, His Presidency Would Open The Door To MASSIVE Leftward Shift”

  1. Youniversal Visuals

    Can anyone list me some good things Trump has done for minorities? maybe even some articles too
    Being in Chicago and hearing leftists d!ckride Biden is grinding my gears.

  2. Matthew Osborn

    The mayor of Atlanta was calling out the violence from the beginning, I don’t think she is the same as the mayor of Seattle.

    I Could be wrong, I just remember her having some strong words for the rioters at the beginning of all this.

  3. DoctorWoohoo

    Look at what’s going on in front of your very eyes. Republican-run areas/cities are fine. They’re still civilized.
    Meanwhile Democrat politicians are allowing far-left ‘activists’ to *execute civilians on whims.* *Kids are being killed, parents are being killed in front of their kids, businesses are being looted, cops are being railroaded for shooting criminals, civil society is collapsing and being replaced by ganglands and the Dems and their media outlets are ENABLING IT ALL.*
    The message is if you’re politically left you can commit crimes and get away with it. If you’re poltically right, you are not allowed to exist. Because wyte-soopremasy or something.
    Vote Republican, my American friends. Your entire civilization is at stake.

  4. Keen R

    The leftward shift would not be unchecked. At that point, we would be using the Declaration of Independence as our check. The Tree of Liberty is going to need to be watered.

  5. Ray Misuto

    This is one of the core reasons the 2nd Amendment exist, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”.

    Now in this case it is fair to state that the founding fathers did not see the possibility of a domestic enemy rising up in a Christian Nation and rather saw Invasion from European powers or Indians as a more likely cause of threat, it remains true that they believed the militia was what should counter that threat.

    It is the job of the community to take up arms and kill the people who are causing this, not unlike how in the old western movies the townsfolk would take up arms and ambush the bandits as they rode into town.

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