Bad News About Trump Gets SERIOUS Traction, Anything Good He Does Is Questioned And Doubted

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Phil from All That Remains (@philthatremains on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, etc) discuss the good news vs bad news about Trump, and how it is that people end up thinking that they’ll be canceled over everything.

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792 Replies to “Bad News About Trump Gets SERIOUS Traction, Anything Good He Does Is Questioned And Doubted”

  1. Mike Cook

    Buy more ammunition wherever you can find it. Disagree respectfully. Read the constitution and be prepared to defend yourself and the Republic.🇺🇸

  2. grahepo

    the so called “bad news” isn’t even actual news, it’s bad opinion and spins, the Russian collusion conspiracy certainly wasn’t news, it’s a made up opinion, the Ukraine scandal isn’t a news, it’s a made up narrative to remove the president, president Trump covid19 response in general was good but the media spun it negatively in favor of democrats and themselves WHO DID NOTHING BUT SALIVATE AT THEIR IMPEACHMENT SHAM when the pandemic started, liberals are truly evil

    • grahepo

      has the guest ever called out his leftist liberal as evil? he call out president Trump’s meme as dumb and called him a clown, has he called out his leftist liberals as evil and vile for their Russian collusion conspiracy? Ukrainian scandal? for their blm and antifa riots and looting? for democrat’s quid pro quo? for democrat kim foxx dropping all charges against hate crime hoaxer jussie smollett?

    • grahepo

      it’s the same with Tim Pool, he show so much reverence for antifa rioters, looters and arsonist whenever he say they have mental issue, he always mentions that he isn’t being mean by saying that they have mental issue, but with Kyle, Tim Pool have no problem insulting him as dumb for wanting to save other people’s properties

    • grahepo

      who is forcing you to use fossil fuel derived products? who is forcing you to consume sugar? don’t you libertarians know anything about personal responsibility?

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