Bad Chinese Dams Could Kill Thousands in Malaysia

We sit down with Clare Rewcastle Brown, a British Investigative Journalist, who exposed corruption in Malaysia, much of which was tied to Chinese investment. China has pledged $1 Trillion in global infrastructure projects as part of Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative. Only problem is…made in China can kill.

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1,601 Replies to “Bad Chinese Dams Could Kill Thousands in Malaysia”

  1. James Landi

    I represent manufacturers in both China and Malaysia and there is still a lot of ethnic animosity from the Malay to the Chinese. When I first got picked up at the airport we went to have lunch with a few local Malaysian guys I work with that were telling me 80% of the businesses are owned by Chinese. They definitely weren’t enthused about the state of things.

  2. James Landi

    Leo! Wtf! Very typical Hollywood double speak. The most morally bankrupt telling us all how we should think and live. Practice what you preach homie!

  3. tested & true

    DiCaprio like the rest of the hollywood leftist really only get concerned if it does impact their own lives. The hypocrisy of actors and politicians never ceases to astound me

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