Assassin Executes Epstein Judge’s Son, Escapes, Is Found DEAD

Tim and Adam discuss a breaking story about an assassin who disguises himself and targets a judges’ family, and is later found dead.

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3,473 Replies to “Assassin Executes Epstein Judge’s Son, Escapes, Is Found DEAD”

  1. the realistically speaking

    I’ve been waiting for years for the government to come after me I doubt anyone could even get through the woods around my house without 30+ men and by then the alarms have gone off and I’m in my attic with the mg42 and 500 rounds in a belt with 6 belts not to mention that once you’re in my house my nile monitors will maul you

  2. jason bowman

    Just never mention god’s chosen and you can talk about what ever you want. I was once in a chat room and for 15 mins straight a guy would pop on the mike and say. ” Trigger ,Trigger Chicken Dinner.” Only he was saying a racist word. It wasn’t trigger. But I ask about the USS Liberty and I immediately got red dotted.

  3. Georgi Spiriev

    19:40 What assumptions? That there are actually degenerate elites in the world who have the money and power to do horrible stuff in their spare time and then have to resources to cover it up? Yeah, seems like crazy talk!

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