Are Near Death Experiences Chemical Reactions In The Brain, Or Are They Glimpses Of The AFTERLIFE?

Tim and Adam confer over what the near-death experience anomaly and whether it’s all in our heads or an actual look at what might happen after we die.

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608 Replies to “Are Near Death Experiences Chemical Reactions In The Brain, Or Are They Glimpses Of The AFTERLIFE?”

  1. Ree Spaz

    I remember seeing a study that said that a lot of people have NDEs, don’t remember them, but there’s these effects from it that change the person’s personality down the line. And eventually they realize something happened and it comes back to them

  2. OmgWtfLolFtwBrb

    I was interested in this subject, but your co host was just way too much in this video! I get home has his own theory, but he’s preaching it like it’s the gospel! Like he knows for a fact! I couldn’t finish the video!

  3. Mitchell Clare

    I think that typically yes, the brain creates hallucinations during the dying process. But when the brain is totally shut down after minutes, you can’t have hallucinations, but if someone experiences another realm when the brain is shut down (even if temporary), how is that possible to be a hallucination when the brain is not working? There’s something else going on there.

  4. Ed G

    About a year ago Josh Gates did about three shows on this subject. Like a good program he saved the best for last. Cannot remember but I think it was a neurosurgeon that set up the operating room with items on the floor that could not be obviously observed unless the individual was up much higher? People undergoing surgery are brought in on a gurney. People that said they had out of body experiences could describe the hidden objects. I thought this was interesting but could not locate any additional information. You seem to be very good at locating information like this, maybe you could.

  5. fourleggedfishfood

    On the dude that heard the beeps and all while clinically dead, at 10:20 ish, the hearing is actually the last sense to go when a person dies. You lose sight, taste, smell, touch, and at the 8-10 minute mark after the heart stops, hearing finally goes too. So if they were timing him by the beeps he heard, it’s not really proof of anything except what we already know – that the hearing remains long after other senses and is the last to go as the brain dies after the heart/body stops. It makes sense he’d recall it after they revived him, from his DMT addled state of dying.

  6. ydely Suarez

    Who are you to question near death experience survivors, Have you gone through it to know what they’ve seen or have felt?

  7. plexx365

    There’s a massive difference between an NDE and a drug induced euphoria. I shouldn’t have to write down this obvious thing.

  8. Jason Lee James

    3:39 the evolutionary advantage is simple. In beings that don’t have complex thoughts(non-humans) it would be a shot for shot recreation of what lead to their death so they could have the means to avoid it if they manage to survive. That’s why it could happen in a near death experience. Now as far as the mental construct that is “you” being able to avoid “your” next death is for the reincarnation experts to sort out.

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