Apple Is ABSOLUTELY Spying On You, ALL The Time

A whistle-blower has come forward – again – after nothing was done about his original complaint that Apple is listening to everything you say and do, all the time. Tim and Adam analyze how helpless things like constant spying make people feel.

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1,545 Replies to “Apple Is ABSOLUTELY Spying On You, ALL The Time”

  1. Terrified Father

    I will not be surprised if Alex Jones has been right about everything!!
    Mandatory vaccination is horrific!! Bill Gates and Fauci are business partners in this lie!! Are we living in North Korea??

  2. Terrified Father

    Anyone surprised by this at all??? Seriously!! They’ve been spying on us for years!! Ironically I was considered a “conspiracy theorist” for believing this years ago!!

  3. MadsterV

    I’m not gonna go into details, but most stuff regarding voice assistants is wrong. Yeah it’s hard to understand how it all works, so you’ll end up with myths about it.
    Still, I’m pumped for local AI which doesn’t need internet access to figure out what you said. Not because of privacy, but because of practicality: My ISP goes out and I can’t turn off my lights? that’s dumb. Also I don’t want a third party changing functionality without my consent, so things break in a bad moment (or I can’t avoid a bad update).

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