AOC And Tulsi COLLABORATE On Universal Basic Income Emergency Proposal??

Forming a somewhat strange alliance, AOC and Tulsi Gabbard propose an idea for an emergency universal basic income. Tim breaks down why UBI, and, to a lesser degree, minimum wage, are net negatives to the economy.

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1,993 Replies to “AOC And Tulsi COLLABORATE On Universal Basic Income Emergency Proposal??”

  1. ALEX LI

    Based On Comments That i’M Reading it Seems That Great # Of Whites Like Being Slaves To Jews. That is insane. AOC is Trying To HELP YOU To Achieve Freedom And Live According To COMMON SENSE. ALL Political Systems And ALL Economics Systems Can Be Corrupted By idiots Or Lunatics Or Sociopaths Or Narcissists Or Psychopaths Or Arrogant Fools, That is WHY AOC is Trying TO HELP YOU By Creating Universal Mandatory Unconditional Basic income To HELP YOU To Use Common Sense And To HELP YOU To Live According To Basic Common Sense, WITHOUT SLAVERY. Everyone on This Planet Earth Has Been Living Life Of Slavery For Centuries, if NOT For Thousands Of Years : it is Called Feudal System, is WHY You Pay Property Tax is WHY You Pay Car insurance is WHY Pay Ton Of $ For Worthless Education That is Worth Only 10% Of What You Pay For is WHY Almost All Cops R Corrupt is WHY Most People Do NOT Understand That Cops Are There To Keep You Living As Slaves, is WHY AOC is Trying To HELP YOU With Universal Mandatory Unconditional Basic Income, is So That You Do NOT Be Abused By Abusive Managers, Since Almost ALL Managers Are insane Or Narcissists, But People R Either in Denial Or Do NOT Care That They Are Living As Slaves. AOC is Best Thing To Happen, Since invention Of Fire Or Wheel, Getting People To Use Their God Given Brain To Think And Do Things Logically, Rather Than Blindly Obeying idiotic Laws. United States Does NOT Have Capitalism : it Has Crony Capitalism For PAST Centuries [ Meaning More Than One Century ], is True For Almost ALL Countries Whose Past Political System Of Monarchy Was Destroyed By # Conspiracies By international Jewish Bankers Creating False American Revolutionary War including False American Civil War.

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