Anti-Racism Does NOT Mean Not Being Racist, It Means MORE Authoritarianism

Tim and Colin Wright, PhD (@swipewright on Twitter) discuss the implications of ‘antiracism’ in cultural conversation.

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400 Replies to “Anti-Racism Does NOT Mean Not Being Racist, It Means MORE Authoritarianism”

  1. Nicholas Roberts

    It’s so true all the people I know who are avid “anti racists” are all just little tyrants it’s so obvious that they just LOVE telling other people what to do.

  2. Ted Logan

    Not so long ago the thematic message, the rhetoric from the Left was “if you’re a white cis male, it’s time for you to sit down and shut up and let other people lead”. Now it’s “Silence is violence” or “Silence is complicity”. Do you see their agenda yet? It’s putting white men in particular into a uniquely irredeemable category simply due to the accident of birth. What’s the next logical conclusion? What does the Great Society do with such monsters, born with the evil trait of white cis maleness? Well, get rid of them all, obviously. They have to. By their own cold logic, it’s necessary for the greater good.

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